Media Production


Executive producer of the short film, “Whole Nother Level.” A short film about an individual who has a disability and  theme desires and dreams as everyone else.  Selected for the 2013 Festival de Cannes Court Métrage

An award-winning short film by director Bruce B. Gordon (2013) – 19:27 min – (USA)

In international VOD distribution via multiple platforms, including Distrify and subscription-based IndieFlix.

Selected: The inaugural Los Angeles Independent Music/Film International Summit (USA)

Selected: 2013 Festival de Cannes Court Métrage/Short Film Corner (France)

Selected: 2013 Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai, India (also selected in New Delhi, Agra, and Varanisi for the traveling festival).

Selected: 2013 Hollywood & Vine Film Festival, winning two awards (Best Visual Effects in Short Film & Best Music in Short Film).

Selected: 2014 Festival des 24 Courts.  (Changé, France) Selected: 2014 Festival Entr’2 Marches, a disability-themed festival in Cannes running concurrently with the 2014 Festival de Cannes.  (France)




  • Global Media:  Media effects on society, individuals, and cultures
  • Positive Psychology:  How media can be used for socially constructive purposes
  • Audience Engagement:  The psychology of finding and engaging your audience.
  • Psycho-educational games
  • Documentary films
  • Short Films
  • Psycho-educational apps
  • Consultation on how people of diverse background experiences, develop, and respond to technology and mediated communication
  • Consultation on how people behave and respond to different forms of media communication and education, including the effects of the Internet, multimedia, and virtual reality